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Milestone Kids exists to create environments

where kids can be filled with the life of Christ.

Age appropriate activities and interaction are available during each campus Sunday morning service. Each area strives to partner with parents in creating an approach that will help children feel welcome and ready to participate. Our environments are filled with energy, love and acceptance. We teach children to know that God loves them as well as what can happen when they show that love to others. Milestone kids check-in begins, no earlier than, 15 minutes before each service. Hope Kids check-in times are from 10:15-10:30am on Sunday mornings.

Frequently asked questions :

My children are different ages, what classes do you offer?

​Our classes are separated based upon your child age.

Babies – Birth to 2 years

Tots – 2 years to 3 years

PreK – 3 years to Kindergarten

Kids – Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Club345 - 3rd Grade to 5th Grade

What is the process for drop off and pick up?

​We utilize an electronic registration system that provides a 3-digit security code unique to your family and your visit. You may check-in your child anytime before the start of class. Children may be dropped off 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

iPad kiosks and Guest Check-in are conveniently located in the Kids Ministry area at the Check-in signs. 

After checking in your child, simply place the child’s tag on the back of their shirt. This tag will contain their name and the 3-digit security code that matches your tag and any allergy/medical information if needed. Next, take your child to their assigned classroom and drop them off at the door. Additional tags may be printed for backpacks and diaper bags. We will always have volunteers to help you through these processes.

Children may be checked out by the parent or a license driver only. At checkout, the tag matching your child’s tag must be presented prior to the child being released. Additionally, this 3-digit code is utilized to notify you during service should your child need you.

If you are visiting us for the first time you will go to Guest Check-In and one of our volunteers will help register your family.

Is my child safe?

Your child’s safety is our first concern! All of our volunteers have gone through a background check to ensure your family's safety. We also have church safety officers that patrol the hallways and are stationed at each entrance. We utilize our check-in system as an extra security precaution. You must have your label that matches up with your child's label before they can be picked up. 


Many of us who serve in the Kid's Ministry have children involved in different kid programs so we always request that our volunteers love and treat every child as if they were their own. If your child has special medical needs or if you have concerns we can flag that in our system so that it alerts us when your child is checked in to their class.


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