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Thank you for showing interest in being a part of Milestone Worship! All of our band members are a part of leading our church in worship. Because this is a leadership role, the Bible holds us to a higher standard than some other positions of serving within the church. Below are some questions to help us understand your spiritual background and to help us make sure we are serving and leading from a place of strength. The answers are not necessarily a disqualifier, but are an opportunity for conversation. Answers are confidential and are only shared with our leadership team. Please take a moment and review the expectations and fill out the application below.


[Mad Skills]
Must be able to learn new songs within a six-day period.

Must have easy access to the internet and email.

[Frequent Home Practice]
All music & lyrics should be learned before weekly rehearsals.

[Early Sunday Arrival]
Must arrive on Sunday's 15 minutes before rehearsal start time.


All instrumentalists must have their own equipment. Although some equipment is provided (drum set, keys, and bass amp, in-ear headphones, etc.) you are still required to have your own equipment at home to ensure you have what is needed to successfully practice on your own.


[1] Complete the application below, [2] Audition with the worship pastors at a set date, [3] Complete a 90-day probation period that reveals your commitment and compatibility.

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